Editorial team

Gabriela Ionita Editor in Chief. She is Romanian journalist, analyst in the field of International Relations (mainly connected with the Russian Federation and Community of  Independent States). She took her university degree in Communication and Public Relation at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies – Bucharest. Also she attended intensive courses Diplomacy and National Security organized by the Centre for Strategic Applications – Bucharest. She has Master degree in the field of Foreign languages and civilizations (Slavonic studies) at the Faculty of Philology from Al.I. Cuza University – Iassy).


Vasile RomanSenior Editor. General-maior (rz) Vasile Roman a fost comandant al Brigăzii 15 Mecanizate „Podu Înalt” (2010 – 2014), şef al Instrucţiei şi Doctrinei la Statul Major al Forţelor Terestre (2014 – 2015) și şef al Direcţiei Operaţii din Statul Major General (ian. 2015 – febr. 2016). Este Doctor în domeniul Ştiinţe Militare şi Informaţii, titlu academic obținut în cadrul Universității Naţionale de Apărare „Carol I”, Bucureşti.



Mihai Albisteanu – editor. He is currently Professor of History.  He took her university degree in History Al.I. Cuza University – Iassy ().




Hari Bucur-Marcu columnist. He is the President of Saliste Association for Romanian Europeansim. Previously, he was  Associate Senior Fellow for Defence Policy, Office of the Deputy Director, Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of the Armed Forces (DCAF). Dr. Hari Bucur-Marcu is retired colonel of the Romanian Air Force, since 2003. His last assignment was Chief, Defence Strategies Service within J-5, Romanian Armed Forces General Staff. He is the author of the book Essentials of Defence Institution Building and the first editor of Defence Management – An Introduction. He is also the author of several chapters in books and articles addressing the topics of financial planning, public information policies, training for defence policies, transparency on defence, institutionalisation of security risk assessment and other alike. His most recent work is a Self-Assessment Kit on Defence Institutionalisation published by DCAF in English, Russian and Ukrainian.


 Sorin Ardeleancorespondent London. He took his university degree 1994 – Sozialwissenschaft, Heidelberg Universität. Also he studied Comunication& PR – SNSPA Bucharest (2000). In 2007 he gratuated Master Studies (Integrare Economica Europeană – Univ. Româno-Americană București).

2008 – Drept – Univ Titu Maiorescu București
2012 – Graduate Diploma in Law – Liverpool John Moores University.



Peter-Vasile Czompa  – columnist.  





Tatiana Jukova – corespondent Moscow.





Anca Uric – traducător. In 2007 graduated University “A.I.Cuza” of Iasi, Faculty of Letters, Russian and English department and since then  is working as Certified Translator and Interpreter with Russian and English by the Ministry of Justice of Romania.


Iolanda von Wunderstein traducător. Studies Româna – Germana at Facultatea de Litere, Universitatea Bucuresti.