VII BRICS Summit Ufa Declaration (Ufa, Russian Federation, 9 July 2015)

July 10, 2015

1.  We,  the  leaders  of  the  Federative  Republic  of  Brazil,  the  Russian  Federation, the Republic of India, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic  of  South  Africa,  met  on  9  July  2015,  in  Ufa,  Russia,  at  the  Seventh  BRICS  Summit, which was held under the theme “BRICS Partnership – a Powerful Factor  of Global Development”. We discussed issues of common interest in respect of the  international agenda as well as key priorities in respect of further strengthening and  broadening   our  intra-BRICS  cooperation.  We  emphasized  the   importance  to  strengthen BRICS solidarity and cooperation, and  decided  to  further  enhance our  strategic partnership on the basis of principles of openness, solidarity, equality and  mutual  understanding,  inclusiveness  and  mutually  beneficial  cooperation.  We agreed  to  step  up  coordinated  efforts  in  responding  to  emerging  challenges,  ensuring   peace   and   security,   promoting   development   in   a   sustainable   way,  addressing poverty eradication, inequality and unemployment for the benefit of our  peoples  and  the  international  community.  We  confirmed  our  intention  to  further  enhance the collective role of our countries in international affairs.

2. We welcome the substantive progress that was made since the Fortaleza Summit  on  15  July  2014  during  the  Brazilian BRICS  Chairship,  especially  the establishment of BRICS financial institutions: the New Development Bank (NDB) and  the  Contingent  Reserves  Arrangement  (CRA).  The  Ufa  Summit  marks  their entry into force. We also broadened our cooperation in the political, economic and social fields and reaffirmed our focus on strengthening our partnership.

3. With  the  aim  of  consolidating  our  engagement  with  other  countries, particularly developing countries and emerging market economies, as well as with international and regional institutions, we will hold a meeting with the Heads of States and Governments of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and the  Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), as well as the Heads of observer States of  the  SCO.  Participants  in  this  meeting  share  various  issues  of  mutual  interest. This lays a solid foundation for launching a broader mutually beneficial dialogue. All of us  remain committed to upholding the  purposes and principles  of  the  UN Charter  and  international  law  and  we  strive  to  achieve  sustainable  economic growth   through   international   cooperation   and   an   enhanced   use   of   regional integration  mechanisms  in  order  to  improve  the  welfare  and  prosperity  of  our people.

4.  At  our  meeting  we  emphasized  that  the  year  2015  marks  the  70th Anniversary  of  the  Founding  of  the  United  Nations.  We  reaffirmed  our  strong commitment   to   the   United   Nations   as   a   universal   multilateral   organization entrusted  with  the  mandate  of  helping  the  international  community  maintain international  peace  and  security,  advance  global  development  and  promote  and protect human rights.  The UN enjoys universal membership and has a  central role in  global  affairs  and  multilateralism.  We  affirmed  the  need  for  comprehensive, transparent  and  efficient  multilateral  approaches  to  addressing  global  challenges, and in this regard underscored the central role of the United Nations in the ongoing efforts to find common solutions to such challenges. We expressed our intention to contribute  to  safeguarding  a  fair  and  equitable  international  order  based  on  the purposes  and  principles  of  the  UN  Charter  and  to  fully  avail  ourselves  of  the potential of the Organization as a forum for an open and honest debate as well as coordination of global politics in order to prevent war and conflicts and promote progress  and  development  of  humankind.  We  recall  the  2005  World  Summit Outcome  Document  and  reaffirm  the  need  for  a  comprehensive  reform  of  the United  Nations,  including  its  Security  Council  with  a  view  to  making  it  more representative  and  efficient  so  that  it  could  better  respond  to  global  challenges.

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