December 15, 2015

CDANS 2016, 10th Annual Cyber Defence and Network Security Conference is going to be organized between 19 – 22 January 2016 – to Kensington Close Hotel, London (UK). Key themes being addressed at CDANS include: • How different leading nations are tackling the issue of CDANS with insights from senior military figures into their current best practices and their view on the future of Cyber Security • Insight into how different organisation and nations are providing training for all staff, and investigating what efforts can be made from the ground level of cyber security, from essential training methods for defence staff to policies around governance and management of cyber defence teams • A range of different organisations and nations exploring how the development of their environment, with relation to BYOD, the Internet of Things, and a military focus on the security of weaponry against the threat of cyberspace.

CDANS 2016, 10th Annual Cyber Defence and Network Security Conference is regarded as one of the extensive event on Cyber Defense, Network Security, Cyber Crime and Defense Strategies spots. List of speakers. CDANS 2016 is going to be organized by IQPC.

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