July 16, 2015

Conference will be held at Hilton Hotel and Convention Centre, Warsaw, Poland on 28 – 30 July, 2015

The conference in 2015 will welcome a large number senior Air Defence Commanders, Operational Commanders and Heads of Strategy and Policy attending from across Eastern Europe: including Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and from several other states in the vicinity. About Current and Future Capabilities of Romanian Air and Missile Defence  will speak Maj. Gen. Dan Cavaleru, Deputy Chief of Romanian Air Force.

Key Issues Include: 1. Formulating a holistic view of Air and Missile Defence – how can states formulate a comprehensive strategy to tackle all threats to the integrity of their air space?; 2. How will Air- and Ground-based interceptors work in tandem to safe guard the skies, avoiding lethal incidents such as blue-on-blue fire or malicious forces entering the sovereign air space?; 3. What is the expectation for cooperation and coordination between nations, particularly in the realm of sensor arrays and early-warning capabilities, over the short to middle term?

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